New Website Staging Area

When building or making changes to a website, the constant changes and fiddling around that the developers do to try and get it just right result in temporary bugs that can make a website look strange, unprofessional, or downright unusable.

So, most website development is done in a staging area. A staging area is a secure virtual environment where developers can work on a copy of a website without worrying about affecting the live website that users are looking at online. Then, after all the changes are complete and approved, the new website in the staging area is used to replace the live website online, so that nobody ever sees the work going on behind the scenes.

We will duplicate your entire website in your own staging area so that you can work on it yourself, or allow us or other developers to work on it behind the scenes until the final product is just right.


  • Staging area creation
  • Website duplication

Included Software

  • Duplicator plugin


  • An active WordPress website (if you don’t have one we offer a setup service)
  • Admin access to your WordPress installation (you need to set up a temporary Admin account for us)

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