SEO Audit + Action Checklist

Do you need a simple, actionable report that will tell you how to improve your website’s SEO?

We’ll scan your website and provide you with a high-level SEO report that shows you how well each part of the website is configured for SEO, which parts could use improvement, and how you can improve them.

Our SEO specialist will also provide a personalized video in which they review the report, point-by-point to discuss the findings and give you recommendations about which issues you should focus on and how to fix them.

This is not a full SEO solution. This is a tool designed to empower small businesses and website owners to start working on their own SEO and learn about it at the same time.

Some example audit pages can be viewed below.

You can also view the full example PDF report to see more.


  • Detailed PDF report (provided as-is)
  • Personalized video review and recommendations
  • Technical assistance not included

Included Software

  • N/A


  • N/A

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